Why choose Echoes and Reflections?


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    How can we ensure that U.S. high school students graduate with a meaningful level of knowledge and personal understanding of the complex history of the Holocaust and its relevance to their lives and our world today?
    With Echoes and Reflections, teachers can help their students:
    • Examine the complex social challenges they face every day
    • Evaluate issues of fairness and justice
    • Experience relevant connections to Holocaust history via real stories from real people
    • Determine their own roles and responsibilities in the world around them
    Whether you’ve never taught about the Holocaust or have a well-established curriculum, Echoes and Reflections provides exceptional professional development and a rich array of digital and print resources that are:
    • Interdisciplinary – covering topics related to history, social studies, English language arts, and humanities/fine arts
    • Personalized – with visual testimonies and countless personal stories from survivors, liberators, and other witnesses
    • Multimedia – including primary and secondary source documents like government documents; photos, maps, illustrations and artwork; stories, memoirs, and poetry; and more
    • Flexible – leveled for middle and high school and address state and national academic standards
    To learn more about how Echoes and Reflections works, please click here.