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In 2015, Echoes and Reflections launched this guestbook in celebration of our 10th Anniversary. We invite you to share your thoughts on how Echoes and Reflections has impacted your classroom.

Echoes and Reflections - Leaders in Holocaust Education - 10 Year Anniversary Guestbook

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Rose Marie H Craft Rose Marie H Craft from Orangeburg
E & R's primary sources are the best part about it-----the first-person interviews; children's book covers, propaganda posters, music and songs, all from the time period, reflecting the real atmosphere! The other great part is that the materials are pretty much classroom ready, with many thought-provoking activities for your students!
Audrey Israel Audrey Israel from Westlake Village, CA USA
I am the child of a survivor from France, please keep me in the loop. Your website is amazing.
Leslee Gantner Leslee Gantner from Columbus, Ohio USA
I was part of a terrific workshop held at Hudson Library Services building , Columbus, City Schools this past June with Alexis Storch. It was insightful, stimulating, and will aid in my assisting both the Social Studies and English teachers in my building who will read Night, discuss the Holocaust, and learn about genocide of numerous cultures in our world. The Teacher's Resource Guide is an excellent resource and she gave us great ideas for teaching these themes.
Sally Chrisman Sally Chrisman from Princeton, NJ USA
I am so grateful for the Echoes and Reflections and the Bearing Witness workshops I have attended. I use the materials in 6th - 8th-grades at my school, and they always leave a powerful impression. Thank you to the sponsors and facilitators of these excellent programs, especially Sara Aharon at the NYC ADL.
Aimee Aimee from Oxford, MA, US
I attended a professional development program at Clark University and use the Echoes and Reflection curriculum when I teach Night and The Book Thief. I especially liked Skyping with the Holocaust survivor and definitely recommend this PD for anyone who teaches about the Holocaust or is just interested in it.
Melanie Ellis Melanie Ellis from El Cajon, CA, San Diego
Holocaust education is an important part of my 8th grade English curriculum. I appreciate the wealth of resources your site provides. The more kids know about the past--the less likely they are to repeat it!
Jeanne Jeanne from Blairsden, CA United States
The lessons in Echoes and Reflections provide a firm foundation of information and reflective discussion for students learning about the Holocaust. It goes beyond Antisemitism, and asks students (and teachers) to think about what really defines us as human beings, and how we must treat each other.
Megan Fairchild Megan Fairchild from Lawrence, KS USA
Thank you for the resources, materials, and most importantly motivation and reasoning to teach such important events and lessons to our youth!
Marcie Rosen Marcie Rosen from Farmington Hills, MI USA
These are very important lessons to teach all future generations.
Lisa DeLucia Lisa DeLucia from Pittsburgh, PA USA
Keep up the good work - it is so important.
Krystal Krystal from San Antonio, TX USA
This is some of the best professional development I have ever had!
Joan Wallis Joan Wallis from Golden, CO USA
Thank you for the good work you do!
Dana Smith Dana Smith from independence
So glad to have this resource available to our teachers and students. Wish it had been around when I was a student.
Julie Rine Julie Rine from Minerva, Ohio USA
Echoes and Reflections has greatly added to my teaching of Maus I and II. I use Echoes and Reflections material to supplement the book, and having multiple sources and testimonies to give us more information about what is happening to Vladek Spiegelman is wonderful. My students especially love the Visual History Testimonies.
alan bush alan bush from easton pa usa
Echoes has been the foundation of my Holocaust lessons for numerous years. Modified for our purposes, Echoes enriches my students classroom experience.
Kimberly Kidd Kimberly Kidd from Globe, AZ, USA
I am excited to start using these resources when I teach Night to my 10th graders.
Jacquelyn McKnight Jacquelyn McKnight from Atlantic City, New Jersey
Thank you for putting such a great resource together! It's interesting and accessible.
Lori Nakagawa Lori Nakagawa from Lincoln, NE, USA
These are great resources for educators and students. Thanks for all of your work and for making them so accessible.
Linda Hildebrand Linda Hildebrand from Lancaster, VA, United States
Kimberly Singh Kimberly Singh from Edison
This is a very valuable resource for teachers and parents to teach their children about the Holocaust.
Natalie Natalie from Edina MN USA
Teaching about The Holocaust is not easy.... What a great resource!
Barb Danner Barb Danner from DeMotte
Thank you for this wonderful site.
ted martz ted martz from conyers
We will never forget!
Lyna Soler Marin Lyna Soler Marin from Port St Lucie, FL USA
Great resource for educators
James Markus James Markus from St Louis, Missouri, United State
Echoes and reflections is an amazing resource. Everyone should be educated about the Holocaust.
Laura Silver Laura Silver from Laguna Beach, CA, United States
There's nothing quite as powerful as the video testimonies and seeing students connect with people they never believed they could have anything in common with.
Renee Bryan Renee Bryan from Mobile, AL, USA
I love the website and the primary source documents that I can access.
Jennifer Herrmann Jennifer Herrmann from Bismarck, IL USA
I have been using Echoes and Reflections for the last five years in my classroom. The program allows me to pull out lessons and activities as they fit in with my overall unit. Students are captivated by the survivor testimonials. Thank you for such a comprehensive resource.
kathryn smith kathryn smith from Tampa, Florida, United States
I have been using these resources for many years. They are very helpful.