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In 2015, Echoes and Reflections launched this guestbook in celebration of our 10th Anniversary. We invite you to share your thoughts on how Echoes and Reflections has impacted your classroom.

Echoes and Reflections - Leaders in Holocaust Education - 10 Year Anniversary Guestbook

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Kayte Russell Kayte Russell from Chula Vista, CA, USA
Best wishes to Mr. Foxman on his retirement--he met our Bearing Witness group in Jerusalem in 2008. It is a privilege to be associated with the ADL and other educators who are passionate about teaching about the Holocaust.
Lisa Moose Lisa Moose from Van Buren, AR USA
I have the Teacher's Resource Guide, but I was unaware of the resources on your website. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
Lesa Thompson Lesa Thompson from Natchitoches, Louisiana USA
I've used Echoes and Reflections for several years now, and it takes the "guess work" out of how to approach teaching the Holocaust. The program is easy to use and easy to adapt; I can use the entire program as is or pull out just the parts I need. Teaching the Holocaust can be a daunting task for any teacher, but Echoes and Reflections takes the stress away.
Debbie Masciale Debbie Masciale from Summerville, SC, United States
I am excited to find this valuable resource to use in teaching about the Holocaust.
Kathie Craig Kathie Craig from Wichita, KS USA
There were so many things not taught in school about the Holocaust. I look forward to learning more.
Julie Smith Julie Smith from Las Vegas, NV USA
I am so excited that this resource exists for educators.
BeLinda Singer BeLinda Singer from San Diego, California
I studied the Holocaust a few summers ago at Yad Vashem in Israel. It was a wonderful program and I became more interested as I started using Echoes and Reflections. E & R offers great tools introducing specific chapters and opens up conversations with the students. The Holocaust is a very important time in our history that teaches to "never forget" and that it is the duty of everyone to pass this legacy onto the next generation. L'dor v'dor. My students are fascinated by the topic and they are always asking for more information. E & R offer great conferences for educators to keep us informed.
Kevin Wagner Kevin Wagner from Carlisle, PA USA
One of the best resources I have found as a teacher when teaching the Holocaust.
Jim Price Jim Price from Colchester, Vermont USA
The primary source documents and oral testimonies in your materials are extremely helpful to our students. We have been fortunate to still have some Holocaust survivors come to CHS to tell their stories....unfortunately these students are the last generations to hear from any who survived Hitler's Holocaust...these resources are precious.
Amy Helms Amy Helms from Monroe
Love this site!
Nestor Nestor from Hollywood, FL, United States
My hope is that teaching Echoes & Reflections to my students will create a similar level of awareness to those of us who were closer to the Holocaust in history. My biggest fear is that without memory, revisionists will win the world's sympathy. My biggest hope of all is to help bring light to Jewish life before, during, and after the Holocaust.
Wendy Wendy from Youngstown, Ohio
Stephanie McMahon-Kaye, a representative from Yad Vashem's International School of Holocaust Studies, presented participants with Echoes and Reflections, a program for high school and middle school teachers developed by Yad Vashem, the USC Shoah Foundation, and the Anti-Defamation League. Steffie walked us through several lessons, emphasizing a "safely in, safely out" approach for our students."
Joanne Moretz Joanne Moretz from Newton
Teaching the Holocaust gives me the opportunity for students to realize that their actions or lack of actions are important. They also learn empathy.
Diana Beam Diana Beam from Fishersville
My hope in teaching the Holocaust to my students is to give them voice. If they will find their voice and will not remain silent as the world did during the events of the Holocaust we will "never forget" and we will never repeat history. I am thankful for the lessons, the availability, and the resources that Echoes and Reflections offers to classroom teachers like myself. I am also blessed to have Jen Goss of Robert E. Lee High School and Katharine Gorsuch of The Foundation for Holocaust Education Projects who share and are most supportive. Thank you.
George Norris George Norris from Staunton, Virginia 24401
Having studied the Holocaust for nearly 40 years, I have gained much knowledge from the workshops that Jen Goss has arranged for us. It is a honor to have such eminent scholars share their expertise. We should give three cheers to our Holocaust scholar in residence, Jen Goss, through her grit and determination will "not let us forget."
Chris Davis Chris Davis from Staunton
I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. The materials are invaluable. I will use them during our studies of the mid-twentieth century.
S. Botkin S. Botkin from Staunton, VA USA
Awesome and informative program
Marcie Marcie from Royal Palm Beach, FL
What an awesome resource for educators new to teaching about the Holocaust and also for those who've been teaching it for many years!
Valerie S Payne Valerie S Payne from Staunton, VA USA
Wonderful workshop. Presenter was so knowledgeable and materials given will be very useful.
Sandra Powell Sandra Powell from Staunton, VA USA
I thoroughly appreciate the time and effort you have taken to share about this time period in history. It is great material and will be used throughout my language arts classes.
Char Gray Char Gray from Meridian, Idaho, USA
Echoes and Reflections brought the best of relevancy and understanding to the table with their attention to the Holocaust as well as current and/or recent genocide examples to help open the eyes of our students and fellow educators to action.
Jon Whiteside Jon Whiteside from Batavia, NY, USA
Echoes and Reflections is more than just a curriculum on the Holocaust, it's a network of talented people organizing some of the best resources on the Holocaust in a teacher and student friendly format. Educators could not ask for a better resource for the classroom!
Doug Cervi Doug Cervi from May Landing
Having taught about the Holocaust and Genocide for over forty one years, it is the most important unit that I teach each year. The resources from Echoes and Reflections are an excellent tool for any teacher around the world. My students have told me that this unit is the one that they remember the most along with the World War II unit which I consider very important for all students t learn.
Stacy Jackson Stacy Jackson from Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
It is my extreme pleasure to have been associated with this incredible program for 10 years! Every middle and high school teacher needs to be exposed to this program and the resource materials and visual history testimonies within. Students respond in the most remarkable ways after their experience with it!
Tom Snethen Tom Snethen from Seminole, Texas, USA
Using the Echoes and Reflections education resources currently in my classroom. I am thankful to have such a rich tool to tell and keep this time in history alive and true.
ephraim kaye ephraim kaye from jerusalem, Israel
This unique Holocaust program is making a real difference in how teachers throughout the USA are now teaching about the Holocaust
Jill Rembrandt Jill Rembrandt from Cleveland, Ohio USA
The amount of resources available to teachers in the Echoes and Reflections resource guide are second to none. A huge asset to anyone teaching about the Holocaust in their classroom!
Jennifer Goss Jennifer Goss from Staunton, VA, USA
I'm proud to be part of 10 years of Echoes. I love sharing this valuable resource with others and have found it to be an excellent tool to use in my own classroom.
Joanne M Grason Joanne M Grason from Berlin, MD USA
I am so proud to be associated with such a wonderful and powerful program.
Ursula Schwarz Ursula Schwarz from Tucson, Arizona; US
Echoes and Reflections provides teachers with powerful resources to understand the Holocaust while covering Social Studies and English Language Arts skills.