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In 2015, Echoes and Reflections launched this guestbook in celebration of our 10th Anniversary. We invite you to share your thoughts on how Echoes and Reflections has impacted your classroom.

Echoes and Reflections - Leaders in Holocaust Education - 10 Year Anniversary Guestbook

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Ariel Ariel from New York, NY
As we reach this milestone, I'm so proud to be a part of Echoes and Reflections and happy to be able to do my part in sharing the importance of Holocaust education with teachers and students.
Sherry Sherry from Porter Ranch, CA
Echoes and Reflections offers all the tools and resources teachers need to teach about the Holocaust. It focuses on personal stories that highlight how individuals were affected by the events of the Holocaust. These stories are unforgettable!
Lynn O'Brien Lynn O'Brien from Zionsvile Indiana
I teach about the Holocaust because of the scary reality that it could happen again if young people don't understand the power of antisemitism.
Gordon M Sisk III Gordon M Sisk III from Knoxville
I have taught now for 28 years. In all of those years I have taught about the holocaust because I believe it is important to understand mankinds' failures so we might try to not repeat them. I was privileged to hear a survivor speak when I was in college and when I began teaching I was able to bring her to my school and have her speak with my students. Mira Kimmelman was this person. I will always remember what she told me. I asked how she could speak time after time about such painful memories. She told me she did so so I would know and that it was up to me to be sure the story did not die. I have taken her words very seriously and tried to do that.
Roberta Maynard Roberta Maynard from Ashburn, Virginia, USA
The Echoes program has been a tremendous resource for me. The many perspectives discussed, the variety and quality of materials, and the personal narratives have significantly enhanced my teaching. An important and meaningful experience for any Holocaust educator.
Angie Gacsho Angie Gacsho from San Diego, CA, USA
I love the Echoes and Reflection Program! This year I wrote a new course called "Examining The Holocaust Through Literature" for senior high school students, and the Echoes and Reflection program completely guided my development of that course. My students have repeatedly said it is the most meaningful course they have taken in high school. It is a phenomenal testament to the Echoes and Reflection curriculum. Thank you!
Enithie Hunter Enithie Hunter from Carrollton, GA, USA
Thank you for providing the resources and professional development necessary to successfully and responsibly teach the Holocaust.
Anna Anna from Charlotte, NC
I feel privileged to have been trained in this amazing, comprehensive Holocaust curriculum. Using the lessons and materials helps me fulfill my goals as an educator: to reach far above the level of knowledge in order to develop in my students a compassionate spirit and a desire to promote the justice and dignity of all.
Marni Nolan Marni Nolan from Marcellus, NY, U.S.A
By far the best training I have been through. Echoes and Reflections is an integral part of my day!
Diana Brandt Diana Brandt from Fullerton CA
Echoes and Reflections has changed the entire class culture as far as how I teach the Holocaust. From historical evidence to personal accounts every aspect of this topic is throughly covered. I am so blessed to have been a part of this impactful training. Thank you.
Carol Martin Carol Martin from San Clemente, Ca, Orange County
Echoes and Reflections has provided a useful tool for safely teaching my students about the Holocaust. It is instrumental in my lesson planning.
Alan Bush Alan Bush from Easton PA US of A
Echoes has been the student-accessible foundation of my Holocaust lessons for years. Modified for my students, Echoes allows them to experience the fact that all affected had a face, a name, a life, a soul. Peace/Shalom and so many thanks to Echoes.
Richard Moore Richard Moore from Tucson
I want my students to be witnesses.
Janice R. Lee Janice R. Lee from Maplewood, NJ USA
Thank you for such a great program.
Deborah Deborah from Ocean Pines MD USA
What an amazing 10 years! This program just keeps getting better and better and reaching more and more teachers! So proud to be part of Echoes and Reflections!
Lindsay Lindsay from Chicago
Thanks to the dedicated professionals, teachers and community partners who make this program a success!
Shira Shira from California
I love Echoes and have been so impressed with the quality and accessibility of this incredible resource. Happy 10 years!!!!
Jenna Leventhal Jenna Leventhal from Los Angeles, CA
I'm so proud to be part of the Echoes and Reflections team as the website manager.