10 Great Website Resources That You Didn’t Know About


As a resource that is rich with an extensive array of digital materials, the Echoes and Reflections website equips educators with supportive content, strategies, and tools, to create meaningful engagement with Holocaust education for students.

As the final installment of the 10 lists of 10 things, in honor of our 10th year, check out these excellent resources from our website to enhance your teaching about the Holocaust.

  1. NEW Educator Video Toolbox

Designed for an educator audience, the NEW Educator Video Toolbox provides key content and context that prepares teachers to effectively teach each lesson in the Echoes and Reflections Teacher’s Resource Guide. Beginning with Lesson 2: Antisemitism and Lesson 5: The “Final Solution,” these educator videos address key historical context as well as the methodological and pedagogical framework for teaching these core content areas.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions about the Holocaust
Website resources including Glossary, FAQ's, and other useful resources for Holocaust education

Find the Educator Video Toolbox, IWitness Intersections, FAQs, Glossary, Timeline and information about Holocaust denial in Educator Resources.

Explore these frequently asked questions from students and teachers to enhance your own knowledge and prepare for conversations in your classroom.

  1. Glossary of Terms

This digital glossary provides a comprehensive list of terms associated with studying the Holocaust and is aligned with materials in Echoes and Reflections

  1. Timeline

Help your students identify key events that took place in Germany and other parts of the world between 1933 and 1945.

  1. List of Visual History Clips by Lesson

Looking for clips of testimony? This is a list of all the clips available on the Echoes and Reflections website organized by lesson, with a brief description of the content, and the total length of the clip.

  1. Holocaust Denial

Why do some people deny that the Holocaust happened or try to trivialize the extent of this horrific event? Echoes and Reflections supports teachers in understanding Holocaust denial and offers resources to address this issue with students.

  1. Supplemental Assets

Yad Vashem has compiled additional photos, writings, documents, artifacts, and resources for teachers that align with each of the ten lessons in Echoes and Reflections. Find them on the Lesson Components page of the website under the Additional Resources column.

  1. Reflect and Respond & Making Connections
Utilize Visual History Clips by Lesson, IWitness Intersections, Reflect and Respond, Making Connections, and Supplemental Assets available on in Lesson Components.

Find Visual History Clips by Lesson, Reflect and Respond, Making Connections, and Supplemental Assets in Lesson Components.

At the conclusion of each lesson in the Echoes and Reflections Teacher’s Resource Guide, students are encouraged to Reflect and Respond and Make Connections to what they have learned. Find tools to help facilitate reflection and extension activities for each lesson under Additional Resources on the Lesson Components page of the website.

  1. Integrate IWitness into Echoes and Reflections

IWitness, developed by the USC Shoah Foundation, is an educational website that complements Echoes and Reflections. Utilize IWitness Intersections, a column on the Lesson Components page, to find lesson specific suggestions for integrating IWitness into your teaching.

  1. Blog and News Items

The Echoes and Reflections blog and news items offer weekly posts with relevant resources and content to utilize in your classroom.