Echoes and Reflections Hosts Reception at the Association of Holocaust Organizations 30th Annual Conference

Echoes and Reflections hosted a reception Monday, June 15, 2015 at the 30th annual conference of the Association of Holocaust Organizations in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO) is an international network of museums, universities, research institutions, nonprofits, and more, that are dedicated to the advancement of Holocaust education, remembrance, and research.

Deborah Batiste, Echoes and Reflections Project Director, said:

There are many organizations in the AHO network that have been supportive of Echoes and Reflections over the last 10 years. The network of member organizations has had a significant impact on our growth to date and continues to play an important role in ensuring that Echoes and Reflections is available to secondary educators across the United States. Hosting a reception is one small way to say thank you and express our gratitude.

The conference, held June 13-16th, brought together Holocaust experts from around the world. Echoes and Reflections Partners are active members of the organization. USC Shoah Foundation’s Director of Education, Kori Street, served on the planning committee and spoke in a session on Monday entitled, “Geeking Out: Social Media and Holocaust Education.” In addition, Yad Vashem’s Director of Educational Technology Department ISHS, Dr. Na’ama Shik, presented a session on Sunday entitled, “Leveraging Media for Formal and Informal Holocaust Education.”

The Association of Holocaust Organizations brings together institutions  from across the globe

Echoes and Reflections is thrilled to have celebrated #10YearsofEchoes and our ongoing partnership with AHO member organizations at the Association of Holocaust Organizations 30th annual conference.