#HolocaustEdChat Provides Opportunity for Educators to Share and Collaborate

On Monday November 3, 2014, Echoes and Reflections’ Marketing Coordinator, Ariel Korn, guest moderated a collaboration and discussion on Twitter. Testing a new forum for sharing information and resources about Echoes and Reflections, Korn joined #HolocaustEdChat, an online- discussion group aimed at supporting educators in continuing their own learning.

#HolocaustEdChat1The founder and moderator of the chat, Dr. Emily Amie Witty, identifies the goal of this discussion group as fostering a professional learning network through exploring questions and sharing best practices in Holocaust education. Witty serves as the Director of Instructional Improvement at The Jewish Education Project in New York. She conducts professional development sessions on a variety of educational topics, including literacy and Common Core State Standards and has presented internationally on the topic of Holocaust education in the United States, Canada and Israel.

Launched on April 28, 2014 #HolocaustEdChat is a weekly discussion that takes place every Monday from 8pm-9pm Eastern Time. Recent topic areas have included: extending the message of the Holocaust and teaching the Nazi camp system. Participation is welcomed and encouraged.

Korn focused the November 3rd discussion on strategies for teaching Kristallnacht, “Night of Broken Glass,” in anticipation of the November 9th -10th anniversary. Participants conversed about the use of primary sources and visual history testimony to provide context and deeper understanding for students. Korn referenced resources from Echoes and Reflections Lessons 1, 2 and 3 including the testimonies of Kurt Messerschmidt and Esther Clifford, the informational text Nazi Germany and Anti-Jewish Policy and more. Participants responded to questions and shared some of their favorite strategies for supporting students in exploring and understanding this important historical event. You can read the archived #HolocaustEdChat on Kristallnacht here.

Korn will be guest moderating another #HolocaustEdChat on December 1, 2014. The subject will be antisemitism and additional Echoes and Reflections resources will be highlighted along with best practices for integrating them.