Educator Video Toolbox

Teaching about the Holocaust can be challenging. The topic is complex and the task may at times seem overwhelming. In order to support effective teaching about the Holocaust using Echoes and Reflections, we have created the Educator Video Toolbox.

These videos can serve as helpful refreshers to a lesson previously explored or taught, as well as introduce new lessons to prepare to bring to the classroom. These resources (each approximately 15 minutes long) are designed to address key historical context as well as the methodological and pedagogical framework of these core content areas.


This video explores effective approaches to teach about the Holocaust with middle and high school students. These approaches can help guide teachers as they make curricular and instructional decisions, with a goal of increasing students’ knowledge of the history and their understanding of its relevance to their lives and the world today.

Lesson 2: Antisemitism

Antisemitism did not begin when Adolf Hitler came to power in January 1933; it had long been entrenched in Europe, and Jews for many centuries had been victims of widespread hatred and suspicion. This video explains the historical context of the rise of racial antisemitic ideology, and provides a methodological and pedagogical framework to help teach this subject.

Lesson 4: The Ghettos

This video examines the ghettos established throughout Nazi Europe, specifically the Lodz ghetto. Offering a teaching pathway of using primary sources to highlight individual experiences during this period, the video reinforces that despite severe overcrowding, starvation, disease, and grief, Jews still did their utmost to conduct their lives and retain their human dignity.

Lesson 5: Final Solution

This video examines the complexities of teaching about the Final Solution, the systematic mass murder of the Jews of Europe in which some six million Jews were murdered. Focusing on the stories of individual victims, the video addresses the Final Solution through a human lens rather than through dry statistics in order to approach the difficult subject of the struggle for life in the shadow of death.

Lesson 6: Resistance

This video addresses key historical context and provides a methodological and pedagogical framework to help effectively prepare to teach the subject of resistance during the Holocaust. A common question when studying about the Holocaust is, “Why didn’t the Jews resist?” But they did and this video examines different forms and types of resistance, both spiritual and armed.