Answering the Question: “Why the Jews?”

Students often struggle with understanding antisemitism and the unique aspects of Nazi racial antisemitism that converged to ultimately result in the Holocaust.

Building from Lesson 2: Antisemitism, this program explores the totality of this ideology which emanated from the highest rungs of authority and throughout Nazi Germany to examine the difference between this phenomena and the persecution of other groups. Examining antisemitism from historical and contemporary perspectives will help deepen students’ understanding of this “longest hatred.” ♦

IWitness - A Multimedia Classroom Resource

In this seminar, participants will engage in deeper exploration of testimony-based multimedia activities and resources in IWitness–the educational website integrated with Echoes and Reflections.

IWitness provides educators with easily accessible resources that complement and IWitness - Holocaust Educationextend the lessons in the Teacher’s Resource Guide.  Webinars are held monthly. Please visit the Program Calendar for upcoming dates.

Righteous Among the Nations

Extending Lesson 7: Rescuers and Non-Jewish Resistance, this session will provide study of rescue in various countries in order to widen the complex picture of altruism.

Examining the moral lessons that can be learned from these Righteous Among the Nations stories, we will explore the actions of communities, diplomats. and individuals to support students’ exploration of the relevance of this topic to their lives. ♦