Supporting Educators With Antisemitism Education Resources

Echoes & Reflections is dedicated to ensuring that students learn about the Holocaust and its lessons for the world today. The brutal attacks in Israel on October 7th and the subsequent dramatic rise in antisemitism are profoundly unsettling, and reinforce the need for all people to understand, identify, and challenge antisemitism in our world.

As the conflict continues to unfold into the new year, we know teachers may be in need of additional support as questions and concerns may arise in the classroom. Our new one-day lesson plan for middle and high school can guide educators in helping students make sense of current antisemitic incidents that may be happening in their community, within U.S., or in the larger global context.

Additionally, the following can aid efforts in navigating the complex topic of antisemitism in society:

For more insight, read Program Manager Jesse Tannetta’s article “Antisemitism is Systemic, and Yet Deeply Personal” in The Lookstein Center’s Winter 2024 Jewish Educational Leadership, Jewish Education Amidst Rising Antisemitism, which addresses the aftermath of October 7th in Jewish communities around the world.

There has never been a more important time to elevate the lessons from Holocaust history, as we know this learning encourages critical thinking, reflection, and helps students be more empathic and compassionate.

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