Media Literacy

Thank you for participating in Echoes & Reflections Mini Course Analyzing Propaganda and Teaching Media Literacy. We hope you found the experience enriching and useful to your teaching needs. 

To further support your classroom instruction on this thematic approach, you now have access to the plethora of resources referenced throughout the course.  The materials below are listed by the section in which they were introduced in the course. 

We hope you will find these resources helpful in informing your teaching of Media Literacy.

Introduction to Echoes & Reflections Pedagogy

In this section, you were introduced to pedagogical principles for effective teaching as well as the first visual history survivor testimony.

Theresienstadt and the Power of Propaganda

This section highlighted how propaganda had the power to manipulate in Nazi-era Germany. SS officials made a propaganda film, fooling the Red Cross into believing life in Theresienstadt was idyllic and comfortable. 

Laying the Groundwork: Propaganda and Ideology and Antisemitism

In these areas of work, we examined the history and definition of antisemitism to understand how propaganda was used to embolden pre-existing hatred and function as a tool to escalate biased attitudes into actions and violence. 

Media Literacy and the Poisonous Mushroom

In this section, you used media literacy skills to evaluate and analyze Nazi propaganda targeted towards youth, were introduced to the Key Questions of Media Literacy handout, and introduced to testimony from Esther Clifford.  

Der Sturmer: Newspapers and Propaganda 

This section specifically focused on newspapers, in particular, Der Sturmer. Translated as The Attacker, this was a Nazi weekly newspaper founded by Julius Streicher (who published The Poisonous Mushroom) and edited by Ernst Hiemer (who wrote The Poisonous Mushroom). This section also introduced testimony from Judith Becker. 

Making Connections: Cross-Cultural Study of Propaganda

This activity asked that you analyze three resources, using the Key Questions of Media Literacy handout.