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Teaching about the Holocaust Using Art

The world of art offers a rich and accessible path to processing the difficult subject matter of the Holocaust. Art occupies a space where words don’t suffice. Teachers do not have to be experts in the field in order to employ it with students. Drawing upon classroom-ready resources and content found in Echoes & Reflections and other sources, this webinar, led by a facilitator from Yad Vashem, will demonstrate how exploring a work of art and the context in which it was created can deepen our understanding of the Holocaust as a human event.

Echoes and Reflections delivers value to both experienced Holocaust educators who are supplementing their curricula and for teachers new to Holocaust education.

When: 05/18/17

Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Sponsored by: Echoes and Reflections


This webinar is scheduled from 3 pm-4 pm (EST)