Teaching the Holocaust in Today's World


We honor the victims of the Holocaust on Yom Hashoah, and every day. We also welcome the many conversations and reflections taking place in schools and around the world to never forget the Holocaust and the meaning of this history on our past, present, and future.

Launching today, for Yom Hashoah, is the new Echoes and Reflections Educator Video Toolbox: Teaching the Holocaust in Today’s World, which unpacks our trusted pedagogy and articulates the key essential components of effectively examining this history and the human story of the Holocaust.

Led by our partner Yad Vashem, this video recognizes that teaching about the Holocaust can be overwhelming and examines questions such as: (1) Why it is important to contextualize this history? (2) How do we teach the Holocaust as a human story? (3) And ultimately, how do we make connections for students between the study of this complex history and their daily lives?

This video is the latest addition to our growing compendium of videos, all of which are designed to help educators teach the complex story of the Holocaust.

Starting tomorrow and over the next nine days, Echoes and Reflections will dig deeper into each of our nine principles for effectively teaching the Holocaust with the release of our new paper “Pedagogical Principles for Effective Holocaust Instruction.”

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