New Self-Guided Online Class Now Open


Launched December 15, 2016, and open through February 15, 2017, Echoes and Reflections is now piloting a new self-guided online class for teachers to complete at their own pace and convenience.

Completed in about three hours and designed to provide educators with resources to help students critically examine the history of the Holocaust, this class introduces important pedagogical considerations and guides participants in an exploration of the Echoes and Reflections Teacher’s Resource Guide and complementary website. Focusing on Lesson 1: Studying the Holocaust and Lesson 2: Antisemitism, participants engage with primary sources, visual history testimony, and become familiar with aligned content from USC Shoah Foundation’s IWitness platform.

“As teachers, we have the opportunity to explain the impact that one idea can have upon society,” shared a current participant. “The Holocaust is an important subject to teach students the importance of understanding an idea and evaluating ideas through informational texts.”

This holiday season, enhance your teaching to support student learning about the complexity and relevancy of this history to our lives and the world today. Register now to join us today.