Echoes and Reflections Professional Development Program Webinar Launches in August!!!

Echoes and Reflections is NOW offering an introductory professional development program as an interactive webinar.

Jennifer Goss, a veteran classroom teacher and Echoes and Reflections trainer, along with Lesly Culp, USC Shoah Foundation’s Senior Content Specialist/Trainer and National Board Certified educator, will be facilitating a comprehensive multimedia introduction to Echoes and Reflections.

Echoes and Reflections is now offering Holocaust Education Professional Development Programs via webinarLaunching August 5th, 2015 at 4pm PST/7pm EST, this program is geared towards middle school and high school educators who are NEW to Echoes and Reflections. “The flexibility of digital access to Echoes and Reflections professional development programs allows educators who would have difficulty attending an in-person training to seize these opportunities despite their busy schedules and geographic locations,” Culp says.

Offered in two parts, the first session features 90 minutes of instruction in which educators learn Echoes and Reflections pedagogy and explore best practices for teaching the Holocaust. Culp and Goss will review the content of the Teacher’s Resource Guide and the supporting multimedia components, including visual history testimonies that are integrated into each lesson.

“We will be doing activities as if it was a face-to-face professional development program,” Goss says. “Unlike a lot of webinars, this one will be very interactive. Our webinar software has chat boxes, participants can share with each other using webcams and microphones, and we will even divide participants into both large and small groups so that everyone can interact and get to know one another.”

Padlet is a tool that educators will become familiar with through this webinar on Holocaust education

Padlet is one of several technological tools that educators will learn and practice using throughout this professional development program.

Goss drew from her own experiences integrating Echoes and Reflections into her classroom with her students to determine the content and approach. “I will share my own strategies for applying Echoes and Reflections at various grade levels. We chose some of my favorite resources. I think they will resonate with a wide variety of audiences and we will practice implementing them together.” She will address the challenge of teaching about the Holocaust in a way that stimulates engagement and critical thinking, while also providing opportunities for students to see the relevance of this complex history to their own lives.

The second part of the program is built for participants to complete at their own pace between August 6th and 26th, 2015. To assist participants in beginning their independent exploration, Culp, Goss, and a team of trained Echoes and Reflections moderators will be available anytime to support educators in their learning. Culp will also offer an additional live discussion in which she can answer any remaining questions and provide technical support as educators complete their independent projects.

“Even beyond Echoes and Reflections, there is a practical learning component with the introduction of additional, external digital resources,” Culp adds. “We will be modeling the use of great technological tools including Blackboard, Padlet, IWitness, the Echoes and Reflections website, and more. Educators will learn and practice, and ultimately have extra resources to utilize with students in their classrooms.”

Registration is NOW open and participation is free of charge. Webinars will be held on August 5th, 2015, October 14th, 2015, and December 2nd, 2015.