Teaching about Anne Frank – New Professional Development Opportunity for Educators



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How do we prepare students to read and understand Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl within the larger historical framework of the Holocaust?

As we approach June 12th, the anniversary of Anne Frank’s 87th birthday, Echoes and Reflections and The Anne Frank Center in New York are proud to announce a new professional development program that provides historical context, tools, and instructional strategies for effectively teaching students about Anne Frank and the Holocaust.

Upcoming pilot programs in New York City, Cherry Hill, and Princeton, will feature an introduction to Echoes and Reflections and an examination of the life and times of Anne Frank. Educators will be introduced to the Echoes and Reflections pedagogy and the Teacher’s Resource Guide, including resources for teaching about antisemitism to better understand the context in which the Frank family was forced into hiding.

The Anne Frank Center will provide additional context about Anne Frank through her diary, family photographs, and documentary film. Educators will be encouraged to make connections with literacy, history, and visual learning themes, and further develop discussion topics for use in the classroom.

For more information, or to host a specialized professional development program for teaching about Anne Frank, contact info@echoesandreflections.org.